Austin residential locksmith provides home security tips

Here are tips from an Austin residential locksmith with several years of experience in home security on how to make your home burglar-proof.
#1: Deadbolts are the strongest of all locks.
Here’s a tip when you go shopping for locks – always choose deadbolts. They are the strongest of all locks and provide an extra layer of security over your standard home locks.  You can make the deadbolts stronger by replacing the screws in the doorjamb with special high strength screws, which are longer than ordinary screws and are 2 ½ inches in length, 200% stronger too. They go all the way through to the studs in the door frame, which protects it against the use of excessive force, ensures that the door cannot be kicked into and fortifies the doorf rame considerably, protecting it against even the most persistent burglar.
#2: Make sure that your alarm systems are working.
Make it a point to check your alarm systems regularly. Make sure they are working as they should. Homes that don’t have a properly working security system are more likely to be broken into. Your security system cannot help you much if it does not work when there is a burglary. So have it checked by a home security expert.
#3: Always lock your doors and windows when going out.
It is absolutely imperative that you should lock your doors and windows at all times. There will be occasions when you think nothing could happen if you just walk over to the neighbor’s place or to the nearby store while keeping the front door open. Wrong! Burglars are always waiting for opportunities such as these. A typical burglary takes only 8 to 12 minutes; so it doesn’t take long for a burglar to walk away with your valuables.
#4: Make your landscape burglar-proof.
Ensure that your bushes are trimmed; there are no trees or branches leading on to the windows and there are no possible hiding places of any sort in the yard. Attend to your yard, and take care of it. A well-maintained yard indicates that you are attentive about your home. Burglars normally target homes where they feel that the homeowner is not all that concerned about the security. Be on the guard all the time.
#5: Take precautions when going out of town.
Whenever you are leaving the town on a vacation or on business, make sure to discontinue your newspapers. When your driveway is filled with newspapers, it is a good indication to the burglar that the home is unoccupied and the coast is clear. Similarly, when you are off on an extended vacation to a foreign country, make sure to discontinue your mail or have a family member or friend collect your mail for you.
#6: Ensure that your home is well lit.
Austin residential locksmiths say that it is rare for burglars to target a brightly lit home. Install exterior lighting outside the home; make sure that every corner of the house is well lit. You should in fact install lights that are triggered by a motion detector; this can stun a potential burglar and scare them off.

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