Curtain Sheers


There are a lot of ways you can do to add elegant effect to your room. Window treatment is the popular way for it. Sheer curtains hereare one of the most popular window treatments. They can add elegance and let your room airy and bright. They are commonly made of a lightweight and fine weaved fabric with natural look. The material used in sheer curtains enables the sunlight to pass through. The most popular colors for this type of covering are white, cream and ivory. There are some other colors available. You can choose one which can complement your room well. In addition, sheer curtain is also available in some different types.

Sheer Window Treatments

A country curtains can be a good alternative for window treatment since it can add a decorative element to your window. Sheer is commonly made of fabric. It will be the right window treatment option for those who need more light in the room. Yet, it does not fit for those who need absolute privacy. If you want to make sheer window treatment, you can simply use sheer fabric and simple curtain rod.

  • First, you have to measure the length and the width of the window to determine the size of fabric you will need. For the draping, you can add the measurement for length and width and then multiply it three times. Sheer window draping needs more fabric than conservative panels. It needs a curtain rod. If you don’t have any, you have to buy one for it. The rod should be able to complement the look and design of your home. If you have had window treatment, you can drape the fabric at the end of the existing rod. Instead, you can purchase new rod for the draping.
  • Furthermore, before hanging the window fabric, you have to make sure that it is free from wrinkles. If any, you can iron it. Then, you can hang it. There are two techniques which are suitable for window draping. The first technique is using the draping fabric which is wrapped twice around the curtain rod. Make sure that the fabric draping down has equal length with the window. This method is known as the symmetrical method. It is the most popular fabric draping method today.
  • In the second technique, the draping fabric is commonly bunched at each corner of the curtain rod with clear wire, hair tie and a rubber band. The middle of draping bows with side panel which can be unequal and equal length. Compared to the first method, this is more creative and can bring more visual interest to the room.

Space Requirements

The more pleats you have, the greater is the stacking space they require when opened. Curtain style, many times, have no pleats and more times than not, remain closed. If they are opened, many drapes have no pinch pleats or very thin ones and take up very little space when open.


Cleaning results are solely based on the fiber content of the curtain. Qualified professionals clean curtains on your windows with radiant results. Plain polyester sheers are better washed.