GTA Vice City

Gaming is a hardcore hobby. Once you get it, it is really hard to leave it. And if the game is like Grand Theft Auto Vice City then you can keep playing games whole day.

GTA Vice City apkwas developed by one of the most widely regarded video game developers that isRockstar. It was the sequel to an already successful video game franchise that is GTA. It was the sixth title of this sequel.

GTA is an open world and sandbox game and has an action adventure in it too. The player is free to do any action or to perform anything he likes to do. Unlike other games where one has to do only missions, the player can roam around the cities, can steal cars from other people and can kill other people too.

This game was so successful and received wide acclaim across the globe. The game upon its release received tremendous review scores on different platforms. It was regarded as one of the most successful and highly enjoyable games with open world actions.

The plot of this game revolves around a character Tommy Vercetti. He is released from the prison and he comes back to his city. He was doing a drug deal which was ambushed by some people who opened fire on Tommy and his partners. Luckily Tommy escaped the attack successfully. Now in all the missions he is basically trying to identify the kingpin behind the attack and also seizing the power from other criminal organizations. The player has to play and successfully complete many missions in order to complete the game. But it is not binding to play the missions every time, one can also enjoy the open worldliness of this game. One can roam around the cities and can do anything as he wants. He can drive a motorcycle and enjoy one wheeling while he can also steal a car to do drifting on the roads. One can also take a boat to drift on the surface of waters. Or the best option is to freely roam around the city and do some hot pursuit.

The player also has various weapons option. He can switch between multiple weapons. In some of the missions, weapons are given to the player to fight with enemies or the members of other gangs. The player can walk, run, jump and can also fight with other people in the city. He can either fight with punches and kicks or can fight with weapons. After killing any strange, you get some money from him.

There is a level of stars in hot pursuit. From one to six, the number of glowing stars mentions the wanted level of the player in hot pursuit. With more stars, the vehicles and capabilities of police taking action against you is increased and at 6-star level which is the highest wanted level, one is chased by police with battle tanks. Battle tanks have a feature that if they collide with any other vehicle, the other vehicle blows off.

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