Make Fast You phone (without any app)


  1. Animation Limit Set

You can fasten the phone by decreasing the animation limit. Reducing the number of animation reduces the processing / graphics consumption, so that the phone user interface gets faster.

Normally this feature will not be visible to you in the phone, it is hidden. You have to do this.

  • Go to Settings and choose About phone from there.
  • Scrolling a little downwards will give you the option of built number. If you click on it 6-7 times then
  • On the screen, you will get the message to be Message Developers’ Optional Announcement.
  • Now you have to come back in settings where you will get the option of developers option.

After this, you have to set the Animation Scale Limit

  • Developers have to go to the app
  • Scroll down into it, then click on the option of Animation Duration Scale.
  • You have to set the Animation Duration Scale to .5 x value. Now once you restart the phone itself you will realize that the phone has got faster.
  1. Make Background Process Limited

In your Samsung phone, you can open several apps after one. Many of these apps are such that there is no work but they keep using RAM. This causes your phone to slow down. You can limit background processing to your phone to avoid this.

  • First of all, you have to add developers’ options. Only information about this is given above.
  • Now when you appraise the developers’ option, scrolling down a bit will give you the option of a background process limit.
  • Here you will find many options to choose the option of At Most, 4 Process.
  1. Do not Use Disable Apps

Many apps in the Samsung phone get preloaded. Such as Galaxy App Store, Flipboard, Samsung Push, S Voice, and S Fiador. Apart from this, Google apps are also installed. Many of these apps that you do not use but they keep using data and batteries with RAM. In such a way, you can uninstall or disable these apps. For this you have to choose the app by going to the settings of the phone and uninstall the applications from which you do not useSo, uninstalling or disabling them is much better.

  1. Do not use the memory booster app

Many people use apps such as Clean Master, DU Battery, and SIM Security to fasten their phones. While these apps only work on filling memory in your phone So avoid using them.

  1. Keep phone updates

OS updates are often given by Samsung. Try it in such a way that keep your phone always updated. This will also make your Slow Samsung phone faster.

  1. Delete live wallpaper

If you have a live wallpaper in your Samsung phone, it will also work to slow your phone. This makes the phone slower for low cost because they have less RAM.

  1. Sync off

If your Samsung phone is slowing down, then you have to close Auto Sync in it. This will make a big difference in the performance of the phone. If you have to sync the data then you can synchronize data by using any one time in the day and then close the sync. Continuous sync also causes the phone to slow down

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