The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Locksmith Services

This is a minor issue owing to the fact that there isn’t much difference between a residential and commercial locksmith service. The major difference between both is residential locksmith service deals with installing of locks in the homes where people are designed to live.

While commercial locksmith service is the installation of locks in business or commercial institutions or organizations, for example, warehouses or depot centers, offices, stores. The quality or standard of a lock used for residential purposes cannot be compared to that used for commercial purposes.

A commercial door will have much more people coming through than a residential door will. Therefore, it is necessary for the standard and quality of a commercial lock to be higher than that of a residential door. A residential locksmith cannot do more than helping you enter your home if you have locked yourself out and also gaining access to home’s security and advising you or giving you tips on how to upgrade the home’s security probably by changing the locks.

A commercial locksmith specializes in lock system for commercial or business properties and businesses. For example, the locks being installed in banks is an example of a commercial locksmith service. Some other services are commercial safes and vaults, automatic doors, filing cabinets.

The importance of calling the right locksmith for the job.

Not all locksmith knows everything, not all are equal and likewise not all specialize in all the areas of locks. Some may specialize only on residential locks, some automotive while some on commercial locks and therefore may not be able to provide the services which they did not specialize in. If you need the service of a commercial locksmith, contacting a commercial locksmith rather than a residential or automotive locksmith will be of best interest to you.

Requiring the service of just any locksmith when you have a very particular need isn’t advisable. Some locksmith will make you believe that they can provide any service for you when they are all just after the pay they will get at the end of the job done. Making them not doing the job well and thereby making you spend twice. To ensure that this does not happen or you are not being taken advantage of, it will be of your best interest to only require the service of a certified locksmith who is licensed, bonded and insured.


It is safe to conclude that, before calling the locksmith to your house or business space, inquire about what they specialize on because it will be a total waste of time and money to call a residential locksmith for commercial jobs and vice-versa. It is also a good idea to inform the locksmith company you call the problem you want to be fixed.

This will give an insight on the kind of job that will be done and will also make the locksmith prepare his or her mind for what he or she is expecting. It will also reduce time and money.

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