Cartier Key Replica WGCL0004 Watches

Cartier senior watch master new brand new key series watch, key series watch named and key-like winding crown, rounded and simple curve is its unique style. The key to everything is precisely balancing the proportion of Cartier with its superb skills and rigorous work on the work, to create a beautiful streamlined appearance. The key to the series is inspired by the past to the key to winding the watch, adjust the time way. Combined with this source of inspiration, Cartier adds the key-winding design to the crown, opening up a whole new experience for the Cartier key collection. (Model: WGCL0004)

Cartier key series WGCL0004 watch case with 18K rose gold material, smooth curve design, with silver carved round dial with solar radiation pattern. Time scale selection of blue Roman numerals, sword shaped blue steel pointer. 6 o’clock square date display window, enhance the practical performance, but also balance the overall design of the dial.

The new key collection has been designed with the crown in mind, in the form of a modern watch that has been worn by the clock in the past. The crown is set with a square sapphire, which keeps the style of the cheap Cartier replica crown inlaid with sapphires and distinguishes it from other series. To wind the watch or adjust the time, you need to unscrew the crown. Worn like an ancient watch, until it is screwed to a certain level, it will make a crisp sound, and you will know that it is already playing well.

Full side, combined with sapphire crown. Precise balance of the ratio. Cartier with superb skills, to create a beautiful streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style and harmonious unity of beauty.

The curved lugs expand the angle of engagement with the strap relative to a normal lug design. This design not only makes the overall curvature of the case more rounded, but also reduces the friction between the watch case. In particular, the higher the wear of the leather strap itself, the wearer is also wearing the watch should pay attention to the maintenance.

Case diameter of 40 mm, suitable for most men’s wrist width. Round dial design and smooth case lines, whether it is worn daily or with formal attire formal occasions can enhance your overall temperament from the wrist.

Cartier key series WGCL0004 watch case thickness of 11.76 mm, the case of moderate thickness, both the presence of the same time will not seem too thick.

Cartier key replica WGCL0004 watch with back through the design, from the back of the sapphire crystal mirror can see the movement of the internal movement. KeyWord WGCL0004 watch with Cartier independent research and development 1847MC automatic winding movement, waterproof depth of 30 meters, with daily waterproof performance. At the same time, the back of the watch is also engraved with the words “Cartier” in English, strictly control the details of the place.

Strap selection of brown crocodile leather material, and rose gold case perfect match. Improve the overall texture and style of unity on the contribution. At the same time, crocodile skin itself also adds the details of the watch’s performance.

Clasp buckle with a buckle design, daily use not only reduces the leather strap wear, but also easy to use the wearer. The same clasp selected 18K rose gold material.
Sapphire crystal glass table mirror, not only can effectively reduce the daily wearing of the watch for the wear and tear, for the reflection of light and to maintain the transparency of the table mirror has a very good performance.

Summary: Cartier key series as Cartier in the series of blue balloons, tank series after another masterpiece, both from the design, or from the selection of the movement, its performance is no less inferior to the first two. Cartier adhere to the traditional watchmaking techniques and details, showing the perfect quality in the elegant. This Cartier key series WGCL0004 best replica watches review price of 138,000 yuan, like it friends can go to the store to try on.