Replica Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER hollow watch real shot

Cartier hollow craft was born in the 1930s, has a long history. In 2001, Cartier launched Santos 100 hollow watch, the use of Roman numerals timepiece table bridge design, laid the hollow craft iconic position. Nowadays, this sophisticated feature opens the door to the new Santos de Cartier collection. The brand unveiled the new SANTOS DE CARTIER hollow watch on the highly anticipated 2018 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, featuring a brand-name patent strap quick replacement system that makes it easy to change watch straps. Now, let’s take a look at the real thing:

Santos de Cartier replica watches is Cartier’s iconic classic style. Since its birth in 1904, it has been constantly innovating and always keeping pace with the spirit of the times. The new watch is more equipped with adjustable and replaceable strap / bracelet.

QuickSwitch, hidden under the strap, is a patented Cartier Rapid Replacement System that integrates with the watch case to allow the wearer to replace stainless steel, 18-karat gold, calfskin or Crocodile various styles of strap and bracelet. The wearer can only start by pressing the strap / bracelet gently below the replacement system.

The dial’s unique and classic patented design that displays the time with a hollow Roman numeral meter bridge is impressive. Cartier is the exclusive watchmaking brand for the craft. Equipped with a blue steel sword-type pointer, time instructions clear and intuitive. Polygonal crown, inlaid with a multi-faceted sapphire

Equipped with Cartier 9619 MC workshop refining hand-wound mechanical movement, balance wheel vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, with about 72 hours of power reserve.

Another cutting-edge technology, SmartLink, is also a patent pending metal bracelet regulation system in Cartier. It eliminates the need for tools to simply adjust the length of a metal bracelet. Buttons equipped with SmartLink are equipped with pushbuttons that remove the screws or remove the screws that are attached to the bracelet.

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