Cartier Designed Six Highly Sophisticated Watches For SIHH 2016

Cartier is one of the few luxury Swiss watch brands. For a long time, the brand has maintained a series of extremely strong main series, as well as a truly mature, unique and diverse high-end horlogerie collection. This undoubtedly puts tremendous pressure on Carole Forestier-Kasapi, the head of Cartier’s sports creative department, because every year they must increase their bets and bring the world with complex “high mechanics” and amazing “high jewelry” watches. Surprise. Let’s take a look at the six high-complex watches that Best Cartier Replica Watches has developed or improved. They will be officially unveiled at SIHH 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, in January next year.

The Cartier Replica Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon watch were originally released at the 2014 SIHH with an amazing lapis lazuli bluestone dial. Earth and the Moon are a typical example of Cartier’s fine watchmaking approach: when it comes to the most technically complex and function-packed debris, Cartier, usually with complications and traditional design elements merging, creative new changes to Some other traditional features, and last but not least, some really useful signs.

First of all, the Calibre 9440 MC mobile package developed and manufactured internally has a tourbillon – – – – tick box for traditional complications. The movement is a huge 40 mm wide, but only 5.65 mm thick and includes 362 separate sections. Second, this is a turning point in historical features – the watch shows the phase of the moon on a meteorite stone plate. At four o’clock, the push wheel can be moved to the six o’clock position to cover the tourbillon below it. Press the button again and the disc will move, the position of which coincides with the phase of the moon.

At the same time, the earth is represented by the sub-dial at the center of the dial. It is also carved out of ochre, showing time and minutes, with two blue steel fingers pointing to the huge, skeletoned Roman numerals on the periphery of the dial. There is a 24-hour dial around the sub-dial that can be adjusted separately at 2 o’clock with a putter, giving a really useful indication of the picture. All three boxes are marked: tourbillon, proprietary lunar phase display, 24-hour indication… all boxes are placed in a large, 47mm wide 16.65mm thick pink gold box with only 15 numbers. The price of Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon Watch is $235,000.

Cartier Cle de Cartier first made its debut in shh 2015 (please see our practice of the main series here), and since then, the series has been added to watch & wonder in Hong Kong in Hong Kong. A mysterious time complexity (hands here). Although the latter iteration may have been my favorite Cartier Replica Watches design so far, Cartier’s Cle de Cartier automatic skeleton seems to be an amazing one. With a 41m wide 11.45mm palladium box, Cle’s key design elements—including the “keyed” rectangular crown—are largely in existence, while the dial and dial themselves are typical Cartier styles. Skeleton.

Here, the interesting point – in fact a rather impressive engineering achievement – is that the Cartier 9621 MC is actually the first maison’s skeleton movement with automatic winding – we will definitely look in the metal To a lot of interesting things. Fake Cartier Watches said that their engineers have made great efforts to achieve their latest achievement, that is, the addition of an automatic winding rotor, as far as possible not to be seen. Therefore, the rotor is boned, it has only two center spokes and a very thin outer periphery, and the rest almost disappear. This is done to expose the movement as much as possible, rather than covering it with a large, solid 22k gold rotor.

The characteristic of this dial is that the Roman numerals of 3, 6, 9 and 12 are huge, with skeletons, and other indicators also have spokes, which of course helps to identify. The 9621 MC movement looks relatively simple – at 5.66 mm thick, the total is only 165 parts, but a closer look at it proved to be a clever design, not only the movement can carry its own components, but also as a meticulous and clear dial . I really look forward to seeing this scene at SIHH 2016. The price of the Cartier Cle de Cartier automatic skeleton is $61,000.

Cartier’s crash skeleton also appeared for the first time in SIHH. In 2015, a solid platinum bag was launched. We are here to do it ourselves. The story of the crash is truly unique and fascinating. If it’s not a bit creepy, you can read more in this intimate article. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches finally mentioned part of this story in its SIHH 2016 newsletter, which is good because it has never really talked about this story publicly – at least, we don’t know – since the 2012 crash accident with a female watch Since the debut of the form.

However, what makes Cartier’s crash skeleton truly unique is not only its history of origin, but also its amazing movement. If anything, the internal 9618 MC is even more impressive than the Cle discussed above, because the crashed aircraft must have this extremely weird, melted shape to match the shape of the casing. In addition, this movement is longitudinally curved, making all parts, panels and bridges more difficult to design.

Cartier’s crash skeleton has a 28.15 mm x 45.32 mm casing, this time a 18k pink gold casing that continues the platinum version released earlier this year. The top plate of the sport acts as a dial with deuterated Roman numerals and an index with hand-beveled and polished edges. The price of the Cartier crash skeleton is $68,500.

The month of Cartier’s retrograde day and night is familiar to those who have followed Cartier into the Houthorhorerie for some time. Originally known as Cartier Rotonde Jour et Nuit (“Day and Night” in French), this watch is an amazing watch with a central minute hand but with a large, semi-exposed disc. Indicate the time – don’t mistake the center minute hand for counterclockwise.

The lower disc has a sharp ray of light from the sun that shows the number of hours on the scale. When the morning/afternoon indication turns into night, there is a shining star on the moon to mark the time. In the upper part of the dial, the Roman numeral index of 6-8-10-12-2-4-6 is placed in the diamond as an odd number on the hour scale. This 18k white gold dial is encrusted with 118 crystal clear diamonds and 28 blue sapphires – nevertheless, it is still clearly visible.

Another intermediate mounted hand is a retrograde lunar phase indicator that makes good use of the lower half of the dial. The internal motion is the 9912 MC internal caliber, with 290 parts and a 48-hour power reserve, charged by automatic windings. The price of the Cartier Rotonde de de Cartier at night is $94,000.

Cartier’s Pantheres and Colibri (on-demand power reserve) mark the next step in the high complexity of entering jewelry. “The on-demand function of mechanical watch movements is highly commendable because they mean the interaction between the wearer and the mechanic – as we have seen above, this is a timekeeping function or a lunar phase indicator, engineering These features often go beyond redesigning existing designs.”

In the case of Cartier Panthers and Colliburi, when the watch’s diamond crown is pressed in, the panther (the symbol of Cartier, 18k white gold, set with 270 enamel diamonds) will have its cubs “escape” “. Show on the dial, then chase the hummingbird, and at rest, it is close to the 3 o’clock position on the dial. When the little panther jumps out, the hummingbird will fly to 12 o’clock, and the bird’s flight range is the remaining energy reserve of the 9915 MC Cartier movement.

The 9915 MC sport consists of 367 components running at 4 Hz and has an approximate power reserve of at least 3 days. The 42.75 mm wide white gold case features 314 crystal clear diamonds, and because it is perfectly round, it has plenty of room for a larger dial. Despite this, most of the space was left to the stunning black panther, lying freely on the white gold dial, while the time indicator was exiled to a limited space, only two small, swords Shaped, gold-plated iron wrist. Of course, telling others that time is secondary, because high-quality jewelry and fine mechanical equipment occupy the stage. Cartier Pantheres et Colibri (Cartier Pantheres et Colibri) is priced at $179,000 or $381,000.

For SIHH 2016, the six stunning pieces of the Cartier collection are coming to an end, the mystery of Cartier Panthere. Its 40mm wide box is finished in 18k white gold and black lacquer, with a large number of bright cut diamonds, and is clearly surrounded by a black panther. This comet wears 533 diamonds and 2 pear-shaped emerald eyes and is placed on top of the Cartier Panthere mystery watch. This watch is one of the bolder high-end jewellery watches designed for ladies.

The 9981 MC movement under the dazzling wildlife was actually discovered at the mysterious moment of Caltier. The hand injury is 4.61 mm, and almost all parts are compressed in a 31.9 mm wide space, and approximately 30% of the space is compressed. A total of 158 parts are enough to process the movement for at least two days at a frequency of 4 Hz and show hours and minutes usually in such a mysterious, although not proprietary for Cartier – the brand has been producing models for a mystery clock since 1912 but was originally Invented by a French magician and watchmaker Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin in the early 1800s. The Cartier Panthere mystery edition is priced at $180,000 with diamonds for $364,000.

For Cartier’s upcoming SIHH 2016 collection, it’s just a quick preview, it’s showcased a series of very powerful boutique watches and fine jewellery – although some of them were some of the products before repeating the brand, even though they still impressive. Undoubtedly, more complex works will appear in January next year, and the main series will be added.

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