Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mysterious Watches For 2018

There are still a few months before the launch of the 2018 SIHH watch, but we have heard about some new watches coming soon. Today, we have a pair of Cartier Replica mysterious watches – Cartier’s mysterious day and night, the mysterious double tourbillon of Cartier’s mysterious skeleton.

The mystery of these mysterious watches actually came from the mysterious clocks that Cheap Cartier Replica Watches invented in the early 20th century. These watches are striking because (the spoiler warns) their hands are fixed on a clear disc, and the gear-driven devices are just outside the line of sight, giving the impression that they float on the dial. This iconic look has been adopted by some Cartier watches, which are interesting to watch.

The mysterious day and night of Rotonde de Cartier is available in 40mm 18k pink or white gold boxes. Cartier Replica Watches fans will be pleased to know that this watch is also equipped with the brand’s iconic blue sapphire cabochon crown. Waterproof rating is 30m.

The dial is divided into two halves. The upper part shows the complexity of day and night, and also shows the time from 6 o’clock to 6 o’clock in 12 hours. During the day, the sun appears on the dial and moves from left to right. These hours are only read by observing the position of the sun on a 12-hour scale. When the night falls, the moon will appear, lasting 12 hours from left to right. The lower half of the dial has a radiating guillotine pattern in the center and a retrograde minute display.

The mysterious day and night of Rotonde de Fake Cartier Watches is powered by the internal hand roll caliber 9982 MC, which can be seen through the sapphire display box. It consists of 174 components with a tempo of 4 Hz and a power reserve of at least 48 hours.

The second watch, Cartier’s mysterious double tourbillon watch is based on the mysterious double tourbillon watch released by SIHH in 2013. The cabinet measures 45 mm wide and is only suitable for white gold. For those who want to be a little more shiny, there are two additional versions, one with a paved diamond frame and the other with a paved diamond case and movement.

Skeletonization is a widely misunderstood art, and I don’t think many people realize how difficult it is to extract materials from movement while maintaining proper aesthetics and structural integrity. In the case of Cartier’s mysterious skeleton mysterious double tourbillon, the bridge was subtly skeletal and shaped into Roman numerals. In addition, the skeletal movement further emphasizes the action of the dual-flying tourbillon.

Here, the Shuangfei tourbillon rotates around the mysterious dial every 60 seconds. Therefore, it is also a second indicator. When it does, it makes a second rotation every 5 minutes. Above the tourbillon, the time and minutes of the two blue sword-shaped steel hands are read.

The mysterious twin tourbillon of the Rotonde de Cartier is powered by the caliber 9465 MC. It consists of 286 components with a tempo of 3 Hz and an energy reserve of at least 52 hours. It also passed the Poincon de Geneve certification, which means that the sport must meet stringent standards in terms of its decoration and materials. In short, I hope that this movement will end skillfully.

We hope that SIHH will see more of these two watches in early 2018. The Cartier Mystery Day and Night Watch is priced at $63,000. Cartier’s mysterious “Tourbillon” watch is priced at $216,000. If you want a rim with a diamond-encrusted border, the price is $324,000, and the diamond-covered edging and movement costs $530,000. Each variant of the Swiss Cartier Watches mysterious skeleton mysterious double tourbillon watch is limited to 30 pieces.

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