Cartier Santos 100 Ref. W2020009 See Comments

In some circles, the French brand Cartier is considered to be a manufacturer of watches and jewellery. However, the brand’s long-established creator has a unique style and a unique style that is hard to ignore…

The original Cartier Santos was said to have been designed and made by Louis Cheap Cartier Replica Watches in 1904 as his friend and pioneer, the Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont. Cartier’s Santos has been a major collection of Cartier Santos 100 lines including the Santos model for a long time and released in 2004.

There are many changes in the Santos line, however, they are all like the original style. This includes a square with slightly curved sides that make it fit on the wrist effortlessly. Dial the signature Cartier Roman numeral, including the incorrect four o’clock IIII – this allows the marker to be on the left side of the better symmetrical match on the right.

The Santos 100 Reference W2020009 (Large) case is available in rose gold and diamond-like carbon (aDLC) and amorphous with a classic black dial design with rose gold insert markers. The rose gold long sword shaped hours and minutes add a thin, rose gold second hand for an elegant look. The hour and minute hands include a small layer of SuperLumiNova coating to make the watch a little light to charge for reading at night.

The simple and stylish square dial design is a rounded black sapphire jewel with a protected heptagonal crown in rose gold. The crown clockwise wind watch changed the hacker seconds function when the allowed hours and minutes of the hand allowed the time to be accurately set. These are the basic characteristics of the basic Swiss ETA movement.

One of my favorite parts is the strap of this watch. Cartier’s “Linen Barry” belt is doubled inside the thick black nylon leather. While the complete look stands at just under 140 grams, Cartier’s choice of nylon belt results in a very comfortable and easy to wear watch.

The strap can be easily adjusted through an extra nylon strap that folds into an internal bracelet. After a few adjustments, I wore a trip to the East and West coasts of the United States. It is hard to remember that it was on my wrist all day.

Cartier Replica Watches includes a deployment buckle, when closed, there is a nicely added rose gold buckle in the middle. Like the border, the deployment buckle gold buckle is decorated with black aDLC steel screws, contrasting super pink gold and black aDLC monture.

The rest of the 51mm high 43mm wide watch aDLC steel plate with a slight satin polishing brush fillet makes it a manly and slightly shiny look and feel. The aDLC coating should be an improved DLC and other features that are highly scratch resistant and resistant to fingerprints. Like most Fake Cartier Watches, Santos’ caseback is solid, including the classic Cartier name font and the name of the model.

Overall, Santos 100 makes fashion everyday observations that can be easily worn at a club or at a business meeting. My only sophistry Santos 100 is its relatively high price, the larger version of $10,400 (as shown) and the smaller the $9,250 (W2020007). Especially when you consider Cartier using their caliber 49 sports watch, this is a modification of ETA 2892.

Naturally, the “Eta” movement is famous and reliable, however, it would be better to see the internal movement of Santos 100 Cartier Replica as it began to make Cartier Rotonde and caliber. This change will give me a happy comfort to know the same attention to detail and adapt and complete the superior so that I like this watch is also inside, even if I can not see it…

There is also an oversized version (W2020004 W20124U2 and others) that Santos 100 runs for $14,000 or more depending on the complication (timekeeping), and also the case is rose gold with aDLC border with aDLC case with rose gold border in gold this one or complete.

If you want a watch, timeless style, good craftsmanship, easy wear and tear, and a long history, then Cartier Santos 100 is a simple choice.

Artier Rotonde de Cartier Astrological Calendar Watch

In 2014, Cartier released some highly complex new products at SIHH. Among them we have already discussed Cartier’s Earth and the moon Torbillon, and now Ariel has begun to use another Torbillon, Carbilon. Both of these components have several key features: they all display time and minutes on an eccentric indexing plate, all mounted in the same Cheap Cartier Replica Watches platinum case – two millimeters in diameter – and all with one minute Tourbillon.

However, the similarities are here, because these two novel ways provide a very different way to capture the hearts of unique and complex fans – and wallets. The main feature of astrologers is the multi-layered, concentric perpetual calendar. It sounds amazing, but the result is amazingly straightforward: not far from the center of the watch, there are three rings around the flying tourbillon, each representing the day of the week, the month and the date. Thanks to this structure – reminiscent of the Roman amphitheatre – Cartier Replica perpetual calendar offers legibility that no other watch has.

On these three-layered rings, the exact dates are marked with blue brackets that appear to float on the ring’s mark. Reading information from the three layers and their rectangular frames is indeed under some poor lighting conditions, but the way the rings are stacked together makes reading faster and easier than most other calendar watches. Having said that, there is a sign that has been ignored – although even for those who have weaknesses in this complication, this sign may not appear immediately – this is the performance of the following year. It can be seen through the transparent background that the jumping year and the non-jumping year are represented by a manual device on the moving bridge.

What’s different is that Feiteng Feiteng is suppressed by other elements – nevertheless, Feiteng is still at the center of attention – its famous capital “C” is hung on its bridge. The interior design and manufacture of the sport, titled 9459 MC, is actually assembled in Cartier’s premium horlogerie workshop in Geneva, so it is a qualified Geneva seal. Since 2011, this seal has not only proved the origin and quality of the sport, but also tested the timing performance. In order to pass the test, it simulates the wearing of the watch throughout the week, and at the end of the seventh day, the movement of the watch allows a maximum final deviation of 60 seconds. Although this is not as strict as the requirements of COSC (-4 to +6 seconds per day), it is still a very high requirement for highly complex watches – and the astronomical calendar is undoubtedly like this.

Behind its good readability and obvious simplicity, Astrology is equipped with a sophisticated system that is both protected and easy to use calendar mechanism. What Fake Cartier Watches calls “partially patented gear trains” is essentially a replacement for levers and springs used by most perpetual calendar agencies. The importance of this new system is in a more traditional fragile solution, one of which can seriously damage the calendar over-winding movement or attempt to change the date “when the time is wrong” – usually a few hours before and after midnight when the mechanism is kick in.

Just like Cartier’s almost all highly complex and unique movements, astrology was also developed by Carole Forestier-Kasapi. Carole Forestier-Kasapi is Cartier Replica Watches senior watchmaking director. In addition to creating a multi-layer display and protective gearing for this watch, she and her team also designed a new setup mechanism that would make it easier to adjust the calendar display than most perpetual calendar watches. Most of these watches have small propulsions on one side of the case that can be used to set the date, month, and other indications.

In astrology, the wearer can set the time, date, and month through the crown, and can be done in the “direction”, before and after. While this watch – or the manufacture of this watch – is not entirely unique, achieving such an easy-to-use feature is a daunting task. The difficulties involved further prove that even in the case of this internally developed caliber, all but one of the calendar’s functions are set using the crown. The day is still the case where the adjustment push is set next to it.

Finally, create a more balanced dial, the hour and minute sub-dial and the “date amphitheater” blend well into a discreet 8-symbol, further enhanced the trend to use “8” – a special emphasis on numbers and figures Loyal and important customers from the Far East. This subtle distortion of the dial does give it some balance, but it should make reading between 4 and 8 more difficult. But you can always spend your time watching the tourbillon’s tourbillon. Placed in a 47mm wide platinum Astrocalendaire is a limited edition version of only 100 pieces, priced at around €150000 or $205,000.