Cartier Clé De Cartier Watch Hands-On

In 2015, Cartier launched a new line of Cartier Replica Watches for men, women and children. We have included Cle de Cartier in the list of the top 10 new watches from SIHH 2015 for good reason – it not only has a new case design, but also a new sporting style. Although the 2015 Cle watch will only be available in 18k gold (various colors), we expect that Cartier will further enrich the Cle de Cartier collection in the coming years and may offer steel models. So let’s take a look back at Cartier Cle de Cartier’s 2015 watch to see what makes Cartier’s new collection of fashion watches interesting.

“Cle” stands for “key” and refers to the crown of a new watch, not a typical round crown. Cartier Cle de Cartier’s Cle de Cartier watch has a long crown that gives a fun tactile experience. The crown lock is in the right position. When you turn it, you will feel that you are really turning the key of an old clock or pocket watch. Inlaid in the “key style” crown is the blue sapphire – the symbol of the Cartier watch.

Although Cartier has designed the Cle de Cartier collection for men and women, the larger model is 40 mm wide and men will be attracted. This box is more or less round. This box is also curved and comfortable to sit on the wrist. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches demonstrates their unique ability to provide a refined, unique, yet familiar look instantly. In my opinion, nothing is more exciting than a brand new watch family. This family watch will launch a series of styles in the next few years. The last time Cartier was able to do this was in the new model series, such as the big blue and caliber.

Looking closely at the case of Cartier’s Claude Cartier, you will appreciate the elegance and complexity that Cartier wants to evoke. Cartier is really successful in design, it combines a series of very interesting lines, and it is also very attractive from a distance.

Cartier Cle de Cartier has a “retro” feel, which comes from the tonneau style case, which has a thick side that slopes down and turns into a lugs. The feeling is that this watch is only slightly larger than itself, and 40 mm wide (the largest size), I think this watch is suitable for a handsome male model. I can’t exaggerate how comfortable it is on the wrist. This is due to the curvature of this condition, allowing the watch to sit on a low and comfortable wrist.

Comfort is also highlighted by the available bracelets (as shown in the video) – this is also a brand new design. In today’s era, new bracelet designs are rare – a shame. Only brands like Fake Cartier Watches seem to be launching new bracelets, while most other brands seem to have adopted a strap. Cartier Cle de Cartier can be used on crocodile belts, but in my opinion, it is best suited for Cle’s specially designed bracelets.

I first noticed how thin Cartier’s bracelet was. Today, many metal bracelets have thick links, especially in contrast to more historic bracelets. Seeing an elegant and slender bracelet is not only popular, it also means you will have a very comfortable wrist experience. Thick metal bracelets are often synonymous with sports watches, and thinner bracelets are more common on clothing watches. As the straps of new clothes become less and less common, it’s almost surprising to see a new watch right.

As I mentioned before, the production of new bracelets requires a lot of research and development and production of more parts. Only brands with economies of scale such as Cartier Replica, Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Omega are likely to enter the world of new bracelets. In a world of low volume and limited editions – we can’t expect to enjoy the benefits of new luggage and bracelet design.

Back at Cartier Cle de Cartier, let’s take a look at the dial. Here you can see many typical Best Cartier Replica Watches series and features, but with enough new details, the Cle de Cartier collection can be distinguished from other content provided by Cartier. Black Roman numerals? Check. Blued-steel hand? Yes. I thought the hands were black (it should be cool), but they are blue steel. You also have a fully symmetrical dialing and date window that is placed at six o’clock. Oh, what I want to say is that although the male model’s hand and hour markers are black, the female hand model’s hand and hour markers are blue.

The male Cle de Cartier model is 40 mm wide (18k white, pink and yellow gold in 2015), while the female model is 31mm wide or 35mm wide. There are automatic movements. Speaking of action, in addition to Carlie’s new design, we have a new action. This is manufactured automatically by the Cartier 1847 MC. Similar to the MC movement of 1904, the MC of 1847 has a central pointer in minutes, hours, and seconds, and there is also a date for an instant jump. The automatic rotor runs in both directions and has a power reserve of 42 hours and operates at 4 Hz.

In the 18k golden age, Cartier Cle de Cartier will have a lot of competition at its price level – but, similarly, it also has a Cartier cache. I think Cartier will be very successful, like this model, as a clothing watch or a casual elegant watch, it is a victory. Now let’s wait for some steel options. Cartier Cle de Cartier’s 18k white gold model on the leather strap is priced at $21,000, the rose gold strap is priced at $19,700, and the gold strap is priced at $36,600.

Cartier Key Replica WGCL0004 Watches

Cartier senior watch master new brand new key series watch, key series watch named and key-like winding crown, rounded and simple curve is its unique style. The key to everything is precisely balancing the proportion of Cartier with its superb skills and rigorous work on the work, to create a beautiful streamlined appearance. The key to the series is inspired by the past to the key to winding the watch, adjust the time way. Combined with this source of inspiration, Cartier adds the key-winding design to the crown, opening up a whole new experience for the Cartier key collection. (Model: WGCL0004)

Cartier key series WGCL0004 watch case with 18K rose gold material, smooth curve design, with silver carved round dial with solar radiation pattern. Time scale selection of blue Roman numerals, sword shaped blue steel pointer. 6 o’clock square date display window, enhance the practical performance, but also balance the overall design of the dial.

The new key collection has been designed with the crown in mind, in the form of a modern watch that has been worn by the clock in the past. The crown is set with a square sapphire, which keeps the style of the cheap Cartier replica crown inlaid with sapphires and distinguishes it from other series. To wind the watch or adjust the time, you need to unscrew the crown. Worn like an ancient watch, until it is screwed to a certain level, it will make a crisp sound, and you will know that it is already playing well.

Full side, combined with sapphire crown. Precise balance of the ratio. Cartier with superb skills, to create a beautiful streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style and harmonious unity of beauty.

The curved lugs expand the angle of engagement with the strap relative to a normal lug design. This design not only makes the overall curvature of the case more rounded, but also reduces the friction between the watch case. In particular, the higher the wear of the leather strap itself, the wearer is also wearing the watch should pay attention to the maintenance.

Case diameter of 40 mm, suitable for most men’s wrist width. Round dial design and smooth case lines, whether it is worn daily or with formal attire formal occasions can enhance your overall temperament from the wrist.

Cartier key series WGCL0004 watch case thickness of 11.76 mm, the case of moderate thickness, both the presence of the same time will not seem too thick.

Cartier key replica WGCL0004 watch with back through the design, from the back of the sapphire crystal mirror can see the movement of the internal movement. KeyWord WGCL0004 watch with Cartier independent research and development 1847MC automatic winding movement, waterproof depth of 30 meters, with daily waterproof performance. At the same time, the back of the watch is also engraved with the words “Cartier” in English, strictly control the details of the place.

Strap selection of brown crocodile leather material, and rose gold case perfect match. Improve the overall texture and style of unity on the contribution. At the same time, crocodile skin itself also adds the details of the watch’s performance.

Clasp buckle with a buckle design, daily use not only reduces the leather strap wear, but also easy to use the wearer. The same clasp selected 18K rose gold material.
Sapphire crystal glass table mirror, not only can effectively reduce the daily wearing of the watch for the wear and tear, for the reflection of light and to maintain the transparency of the table mirror has a very good performance.

Summary: Cartier key series as Cartier in the series of blue balloons, tank series after another masterpiece, both from the design, or from the selection of the movement, its performance is no less inferior to the first two. Cartier adhere to the traditional watchmaking techniques and details, showing the perfect quality in the elegant. This Cartier key series WGCL0004 best replica watches review price of 138,000 yuan, like it friends can go to the store to try on.