Cartier Tortue XXL Multi-Time Zone Viewing

Cartier, the indispensable name in the world of luxury watches, announced a series of 2013 novelty events in this year’s SIHH. The competition between the interesting and compelling turtles XXL multiple time zone tables. Available in pink or white gold, the Turtle XXL World Timer offers what seems to be a fairly traditional complication at the beginning of GMT until you look at it from the side of it. On the left, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has installed a small window that allows users to view the city’s selectable range and define the local time zone they need.

The putter type is located at two o’clock for the available time zone (standard based city) and the watch will even provide a distinction between summer and winter time showing a layered layout, referenced by the season setting of the northern and southern hemispheres. Ariel saw the turtle XXL personally confirmed that the city selection function can not manage the wrist from the watch. The time to go home is shown on the low sub-dial and Cartier Replica Watches gives up the usual 24-hour dial, choosing to use daylight (with the sun) and one night hand (to the moon). This is a more elegant way to display the same information in less space and allows the extra real estate world to be included in the design of the dial.

The sport is Cartier’s caliber 9914 MC with 283 component features, 27-day jewellery and 48-hour power reserve. This innovative internal movement allows the Turtle XXL to offer a simpler two-time zone watch dial layout, while packaging options for multiple perforation complications. The 9914 MC Wound is an automatic movement and can be displayed through the Turtle XXL. Fake Cartier Watches does not use the “word” to gently turtle XXL measures up to 51 mm long, 45.6 mm wide, and 17.2 mm thick, which makes the watch very large such a costume-like atmosphere. It can be seen in the lens including the wrist, wearing a large turtle XXL, and a flashy wrist.

This is a surprisingly tight-fitting design from Cartier Replica and the segment should be a strong competitor. The movement is essentially the same as a Cartier caliber multi-time zone using the watch but it has grown up and they have given up the turmoil to measure your jet lag. The resulting dial design is clear and gorgeous, still evident in Cartier. The dial display not-too-flashy world design suggests that the watch’s true ability still allows enough space for Roman numerals and multiple time zones to display. Cartier made a wise decision to keep the main dial design as simple as possible, with the time zone selector window in terms of cases, more dials can be dedicated to the information you need most often. High-end and quite complex Cartier, this design works very well.

The novelty is not cheap, and the Platinum Turtle XXL in Platinum will be sporty and pink, with a price tag of $46,200, which weighs $43,100. It is highly probable that the global traveler’s time difference is among us, but the price tag is SIHH. Turtle XXL is another noteworthy model from the brand, and although often walks its way, it engraves an enviable and recognizable position in high-end watch games. Do you think Swiss Cartier Watches (Cartier)a has reached an important choice in the $30,000 plus market segment?

Cartier Ronde De Cartier Replica Watches

For more than a hundred years, Cartier enjoy the charm of the mysterious timepiece. Own mysterious watch gives the feeling of shine, mysterious timepiece originated in the creation of the mysterious bell. The mystery of the mysterious “mysterious” and has the charm, because of its platinum and diamonds to create the pointer, like floating on the transparent bell, with no connection with the movement. As we all know, disconnect the power connection part of the clock can not drive the operation of the pointer, but not only did not stop such a pointer, but also to precise travel, full of “magic.” And this full of magic of the clock creation, today Cartier once again bring us a visual feast. 2016 SIHH watch show, following the mysterious hour watch and double mysterious tourbillon watch, Cartier once again launched Astromystérieux celestial travel mysterious tourbillon watch, equipped with a central axis of rotation with the escapement escapement, open Cartier’s new chapter in the mystical aesthetics. Want to know Cartier watchmakers is how to make the needle, the core separation of the mysterious tourbillon watch accurate timekeeping it? Then follow me to explore the mystery of it. (Watch model: W1556249)

“Barrier Law” and magic

Did you see the gear around the glass dial?

In fact, the reason why the mystery is that Cartier watchmakers bring us the “big eye”: two fixed pointer glass and dial around the effect of subtle gears interaction. The pointer is fixed on the glass, the minute hand is connected with the movement and does not rotate by itself. The actual rotation is the glass and the whole structure. The gear is driven by the central escapement and the glass dial is rotated by the gear. By using the visual ” Illusion “to complete This seemingly magical, but in reality is full of brand wisdom,” walking exercise. ”

Close watch display

This series of mysterious watchmaking watch inspired by the great French magician, the founder of modern magic Jean · Oren · Robert · Wadan invented the clock when a wonderful idea: the pointer is not directly connected with the movement, and Is fixed on two serrated metal frame glass disc. Driven by the movement of the disc (most of the clock at the bottom), driven by the rotation of the pointer, indicating hours and minutes. Today, Cartier’s mysterious watch is to inherit and re-interpret this unique craft in a modern style.
Not only mysterious but also cold

Watch case show

The use of platinum in the luxury replica watches UK shop material is rare, mostly used in brand limited or special models (not excluded). This watch is made of 950 platinum material for the watch case, 43.5 mm it is not so flamboyant publicity as the gold case, platinum is full of full range of cold Aristocrat range, full of classic and understated luxury. 950 platinum after treatment reflects the soft light, very beautiful.

Watch dial display

Guilloche dial, decorated with classic and elegant Cartier big roman time scale, not only provides eye-catching watch conditions but also decorated the overall watch, elegant and beautiful. Apple-shaped pointer, with the central escapement integration, interpretation of the watch on the “miracle.”

Watch crown display

950 platinum round beaded crown, set with a brand representative of the cabochon sapphires. After polished platinum crown, feel good, do not slippery in the operation of the watch, bringing excellent operating experience.

Watch lugs show

After polished platinum lugs natural and smooth, full of ornamental. Perfectly strap and watch connected together to add luster to the overall watch.

Watch back cover display

The watch is double transparent design up and down, making the operation of this movement can be seen clearly, do not have some fun watch. Equipped with Cartier 9462 MC movement, the balance frequency of 21,600 times per hour, power reserve of about 50 hours.

Watch strap buckle display

Watch equipped with a black crocodile leather strap texture is comfortable, style classic rich urban flavor. Connect a 18K white gold folding clasp, wrist watch can well protect the wrist safety, will not easily fall off.

Watch the whole show

Summary: extraordinary watch innovation, created such a Cartier Replica Watches celestial movement mysterious tourbillon watch, will represent the highest achievements of the watchmaking technology tourbillon and mysterious innovation closely together to show the brand’s unique watchmaking concept. Inheritance and innovation have always been a powerful motivation for supporting brand watchmaking. Set the mysterious charm and urban classic style as one, worthy of the “watch industry a miracle.”