Cartier Rotonde Small Complex Watch Is Now Made Of Steel

The world level of Cartier’s watches. This includes the brand’s “classic”, which means they are more mainstream and relatively simple sports watches, high-end complications in the “good watch” field and high-end horology, and finally, “small complications in the central region.” This is “small” “And not “big,” in the arena of the clock, the latter refers to what is much more complicated, of course, expensive. We can find a small complication watch of Cartier Rotonde which may be of considerable value, especially in the new Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches in steel.

Not all of these models are brand new, but as far as we know, that steel model. What you see is two types of Cartier Rotonde small complication observation models, using a date and power reserve indicator, or prefer the big date, double time, day and night and subsidiary seconds model indicators. Our focus on the latter model is officially known as Rotonde de Cartier 2 time zone retrograde, Day and night, big date, second beautiful subtitle, I know.

In the case of 42 mm wide, it can be in 18 k white gold (with blue dial), 18 k rose gold (white dial), or in steel (white dial), Rotonde de Cartier 2 * area retrograde, Day and night, big The date, the small used table is a classic example of a small complex model of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches that provides information in addition to the complexity and refinement in an interesting way.

The asymmetrical dial has a retrograde second time zone indicator that, at first glance, looks like a power reserve indicator. Look closely and you will realize that this is an hour hand with 12 indicators. Diagonal from day and night indicators, I believe with the second time zone display or point time. Also dialing is the subsidiary stopwatch indicator and a large date. The layout is fun and balanced, but it feels like the second time zone is harder to read than this.

In 18 k rose gold or steel, the two time zone tables have a clear iconic Fake Cartier Watches dial with the Roman numeral hour mark and steel blue. The 18k white gold model has a very attractive blue dial, but I am worried that it is difficult to read in reality, with polished steel hands (should be a little longer).

Other Cartier Rotonde minor complication models are the Rotonde de Cartier Power Reserve, an aperture calendar watch. This model is set with a smaller 40 mm wide case and can also be used in 18 k white gold, 18 k rose gold, and steel. These Cartier Rotonde small complication watches have more asymmetric dials with power reserve indicators as well as an “open” date window. I think Swiss Cartier Watches might be better off including a date instead of expanding the aperture calendar date window. The overall design is very attractive, but watch enthusiasts often disagree with such an appeal to open the date window style.

While Diaton Rotonde Power Reserve and Aperture Date Table may be more mainstream, I think a moderate premium for more complex “small complications” Rotonde 2 time zone retrograde, Day and night, big, small two look is worth the extra role and function. I also think that these contain complications of the basic Swiss robotic motion module.

The reserve and date collected by Rotonde de Cartier Replica is $8,600 from the referee. W1556369 steel, $22,300 for the referee. W1556252 18k rose gold and rose to a limited edition of $23,900 for 200 pieces ref. W1556253 18 k white gold. Small complications Rotonde de Cartier 2 time zone retrograde, Day and night, big date, small second referee starting at $ 9,650. W1556368 steel, the referee is 26,000 US dollars. W1556240 18k rose gold, and rose to a limited edition of $200,800 for 200 pieces ref. W1556241 18 k white gold.

Cartier Drive De Cartier “Small Complexity” Gold Watch Review

At the 2016 SIHH show, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches launched the Drive de Cartier series of watches, and the relatively low-priced entry-level watches made many watch enthusiasts excited. Well, I spent some time using a watch close to the production line, in addition to the Fit Tourbillon model, Cartier’s “small complex” watch (Small complications). This watch falls on the “Dresier” side of the “De Cartia” driving line, and we have experienced it here.

In addition to emphasizing that this is a new Cartier men’s watch with some auto-designed aesthetic themes, I am not sure what the name “Drive” is, but the names of many watches are confusing. Anyway, this is a watch that I have been looking forward to for a while, and I am very happy to enjoy its successful execution. Not many people are very interested in the steel frame model, but I am even more curious that this model with only $20,000 is facing fierce competition from brands such as Piaget and Rolex.

First of all, I would like to discuss where Cartier’s Drive de Cartier product line is located on a larger scale within the Cartier Replica Watches brand itself. The launch of this watch has caused a lot of controversy, a large part of which is inseparable from the above viewpoint, that is, Cartier’s new watch for men, starting at more than 6000 US dollars. Brands such as Cartier and Bulgari are often seen as high-end “fashion homes” that cater to women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories. I won’t go into this topic in depth (although our Ariel Adams and James Stacey have discussed it here), but I think it’s ridiculous to avoid a brand for this reason.

Yes, Cartier has many iconic watches, such as the male and female Tank and Santos. However, many people think that the Tank line is too feminine, even though it is Kennedy’s preferred watch, as is Santos. Although I totally disagree with this attitude, I think the fact that Fake Cartier Watches introduces the driver line may mean that they have discovered the problem and solved it, which is more than the initiative of many brands.

As far as I am concerned, a brand is labeled as a “neutral” watch and I have no opinion. My girlfriend wears a lady Santos watch, which does not reduce or deprive me of my personal love for men’s watches, but that is me. I think I can understand that I don’t want to “see my parents” and find that you and your future mother-in-law love tanks. In any case, for those who want a Cartier, it has enough “manly” because of its loose relationship with the car, you can now test drive.

As I mentioned, Cartier’s drive range is brand new and has many options, such as the all-steel base version, which can be completed in just a few seconds, the golden tourbillon tourbillon model, and somewhere in between. product. This may not be anyone’s first watch, not a completely low producer, but the internal caliber 1904 – fu MC sports, handsome cushioning, and unique appearance as well as the Cartier Replica brand – this watch represents an order The convincing choice of buyers is a bit different but still complex and masculine.

I have never particularly liked watches, even for suit watches, I usually prefer low-key sports watches. However, I did find that the small complication of the Cartier-driven De Cartier watch is that its watch time is much longer for me than a gold watch worth more than $20,000.

Wow, reread the last sentence, I realized that I sounded like a huge tool, but I mean that most models and my personal choices are not always consistent. However, my feelings about this work are different. This watch has no inherited gold dress table, but it is not too far from the “drive” car’s inspiration, so it has become a fashionable watch, very suitable for wearing. Maybe it’s because it’s a new brand, and there’s no such thing as a watch that has always existed in my history.

Nowadays, the design and marketing of Siwss Cartier Watches is a bit “sporty”. This fact does not have much impact on this watch, so I will classify my watch more or less as a watch. . In addition, I want to clarify that the “dress watch” I said is for the purpose of this review. I mean something related to the tuxedo, not that you might see it on the wrist of a cautious executive. The kind of conservative thing. Or, once again, a grandfather.

Don’t blame me for making brand comparisons here, but I am doing this more for the purpose of metaphor than for establishing any connection. The difference between the different types of dress watches I mentioned is reflected in the comparison between the daily Rolex Datejust and the Rolex Cellini watches. Perhaps the Drive de Cartier series of Drive de Cartier is the golden mean between the two: not as ubiquitous as Rolex Datejust, but it doesn’t make you feel like wearing it every time. Go to the Philharmonic Orchestra or attend a national banquet.

I know some people say that they are not so interested in watches. Creating a three-tier naming system for them (well, at least three layers now) is crazy, but I do think it helps to understand the classification of watches. Some of the more unclear groups. Rolex Cellini is not a watch that makes me feel comfortable when I go out to eat a polo. However, I just used this Cartier to drive the small complex of Decadia, which feels completely natural. This is not a scientific study, but you already know it.

The Cartier Drive de Cartier small complex watch is powered by the internal Cartier-made sports 1904-FU MC, which can be seen through the back showcase. For some people, the name “small complex” can be a bit confusing, but it positions the watch between “classic” parts (only time, date windows, etc.) and large complex parts. A big complicated watch is another story, but a big complex usually contains an astronomical complex (for example, a perpetual calendar), a chime complex (such as a minute repeater), and a stopwatch function (such as a timer). These are all at a completely different tabulation level, not a completely relevant understanding of this watch, but I want to put a small complex part in the background.

The Cartier Drive de Cartier small complex watch features a large date window, a retrograde secondary time zone indicator, and a day and night indicator indicating the secondary time zone AM or PM. It led to a rather busy dialing, my eyes were not concentrated between the guillotine modes, all those complicated, and the big Roman numerals surrounded the face. In any case, this watch has a 48-hour power reserve, which is indeed a shortcoming I found. Maybe I should have at least one power-off indicator, which I originally thought was the second time zone indicator, which was actually just a 12-hour dial.

The internal 1904-FU MC Automated Mobile is an improved version of their now ubiquitous internal 1904-PS MC with 28 gems. To be honest, on the surface, from the end of the case, this is not much. It should be noted that at 4Hz it will not dizzy you with a very smooth sweep of the second hand. Considering that the steel model of this watch is priced at about $8,750, this is an internal quality reliable watch, Cartier’s movement is transparent.

Large dates are easy to interpret because it is easy to tell the date by two date windows at 12 o’clock. I really, really like this feature of the watch, like the almost striking window frame. The second time zone is 11 o’clock, and the day/night time is 4 o’clock, letting you know whether it is night or morning. The dual time zone is easy to play. By pressing the crown, you can advance for an hour at the same time, while pushing the sun or moon on the day and night indicator. I did not accidentally press the crown once or twice, which is annoying, but it is basically my fault.

The Cartier Drive de Cartier is 41 mm wide and 40 mm long, apparently designed to appeal to as many viewers as possible. I think they used it to make a home run. This cushioning shape provides a solid presence for people like me who are more comfortable in the range of 42mm or more and can adapt to more conservative preferences. I believe it is only 12.65 mm thick, so it can be placed under the sleeves and looks less fragile. Basically, the size and comfort of wearing is not a problem for me.

The watch is still comfortable enough for the crocodile belt, but the button may be easier to use and how easy it is to get the block. At the same time, this is not the fault of the watch itself, but in the big hand I have to do squeezing my fingers and thumb to let the watch fall off, especially harder than most watches I wear. However, the overall quality of the strap is good enough.

What I want to say is the position of the Cartier-driven De Cartier small complex watch in the larger market. This simple steel watch may appeal to Piaget’s market for Polo watches released earlier this year. In fact, both cars are cushioned for younger markets, but Cartier is a few thousand dollars cheaper. For this Cartier Drive de Cartier small complex watch, I think Piaget Emperador ref. GOA32017 in pink gold provides a clear direct competitor. With the same features and a cushion-shaped outer casing, Piaget sells for nearly $7,000 and sells for $29,300. The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Double Time Edition will not give you a cushioned dial for $26,300. In fact, Rolex has launched a low-priced but far-off “exquisite” watch, priced at 18,500 Swiss francs.

Therefore, compared to the Cartier brand, those brands that have “watch street reputation” have many choices, but when you compare the model I reviewed with other models, I think their pricing is just right. In fact, if the $40,000 Vacheron Constantin River Stanton Harmony Time is a bit too expensive, the price is almost half of it.

I am looking forward to hearing what people who own this watch will think, so if you are outside, be sure to leave your thoughts. Overall, I think Cartier is at least as good as the Swiss watchmakers I mentioned earlier, and this watch proves their steady progress in finishing and internal movement. So, the gold price of $22,700 for the Cardia Drive Decadia Small Complex Watch is correct and you will expect to pay when considering direct market competition. The price of the steel model is expected to be much cheaper at $8,750. For Cartier, it is a bit difficult to see the logo of this lane, because there is a huge difference between the cheaper models and similar models, but I really want to see if they will take it. Where are you going? I will also invite readers to give their thoughts again, because I am really curious to read the thoughts of all of you.